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source; Michele Woodford


Howling For Justice

Howling for Justice is a blogging website that lets anti-wolf hunting activists post pictures and  opinions in regards to the hunting of the wolf. The Site allows the users to be updated on the latest laws and breaking news involving the wolf. This social media is followed on popular websites, such as Facebook, and has over 4,000 followers. The blog is dedicated to a wolf that was shot in 2008 and all fallen wolves.1

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife is an organization that works towards the protection of wildlife species, including the wolf. On their webpage they explain why they find the wolf so important to protect. They see the wolf as a necessary part of the ecosystem to keep large game populations at bay. This group promotes wolf recovery and was one of the leading advocates in the reintroduction in the years 1995 and 1996 in various states.2


Abundant Wildlife Society of North America (AWS)

Director T.R. Mader speaks on the behalf of the organization and hunters that support this organization about wolf hunting. In 1991 he wrote that hunting regulations and the protection of the wolf was prohibiting hunters to their right and privilege to hunt. The organization advocates hunting and works towards ensuring hunting including that of the wolf.3

North American Hunter

The North American Hunter is a blog for hunters to utilize and share hunting beliefs and tactics. Wolves are a recurring blogging subject by the users of this site. One user’s blog, Mark Kayser, titles his blog “Wolf Hunting Tips for New Hunters.”. In this particular blog he explains that it is his belief that the recovery of the wolf is complete and that it is now time for the wolf to be harvested as a trophy animal. Users are able to share hunting stories, tactics, and opinions on the wolf hunt. The bloggers of this website are in favor of the wolf hunt. 4



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